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National Land Agency: Liancheng County crackdown illegal mining of rare earth behavior

Since last year, a total of nine cases for investigation Detention 18 online pursuit transferred to prosecutors the prosecution from 8 a few days ago, I Liancheng County Joint Strike illegal exploitation of rare earth task force was informed, the suspect Hu Moumoutogether with others, has sneaked into the county's northern town of Mission picture Imura Gutang, new springs ocean Umemura red pit illegal mining of rare earth, damaging the mineral resources of 54.8 million, was sentenced to three years and six months and fined15,000 yuan, and the recovery of proceeds of crime, illicit money.

Liancheng County, attaches great importance to the fight against illegal mining work, Xianzhengfawei secretary personally deployment expressly to combat objectives, stage task, measures requirements and the related functions of the departments, set up inspections to stop, investigate and deal with Close banned, accountability, incentives and other long-term management system. Since last July to set up a joint fight against the illegal exploitation of rare earth task force, the county's key mining areas, the focus of the township (town) implement the departmental interaction enforcement mechanism to take control of mining aggregate indicators, inspection minerals Transport Permits, and strictly control the explosive materials stop power supply, build sealed cave mouth, the destruction of mining equipment and other means, to ensure that illegal mining Close outlaw rate of 100%. Were organized to carry out enforcement actions 108 times last year, destroyed 52 illegal exploitation of rare earth mine sites, sedimentation tanks 266, confiscated 148 tons of the oxalic acid and other chemical materials, 28 tons of wet rare earth, the investigation and the illegal exploitation of mineral resources in the case of nine criminal detention 18 person, online pursuit, and refer the case to the prosecution filed an indictable 3 eight people, five people have been court sentenced one year to three years in prison and six months.

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National Land Agency: Liancheng County crackdown illegal mining of rare earth behavior

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