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National reserves of rare earth matters has been brewing for years

September 4, the State Material Reserve the internal An official told this reporter, rare earth Shouchu work has been ready for some time, and specific work under the reserve materials management at. As for the details of purchasing and storage, the officials did not explain further.

Prior to the news, the State Reserve Bureau has agreed Baotou Steel Rare Earth National Shouchu light rare earth matters, will use 100 billion Shouchu, 18,000 tons of light rare earth reserves varieties and start time has been basically implemented, According to the plan, the reserve was in August began to prepare, was officially launched in September.

Start purchasing and storage

National reserves of rare earth matters has been brewing for years. As early as in 2007, the State Material Reserve the material reserves Institute released research report will put forward policy recommendations for the development of rare earth reserves.

The report said that the necessary state material reserves of rare earth reserves, to expand the volume of business of the reserves, to expand the scale and impact of the material reserves, the beneficial role of positive publicity material reserves, enhanced ability to participate in the macro-control of material reserves.

Since then, China's rare earth reserves still remain at the enterprise level, until 2011, the rare earth reserves rose to national strategic level.

Issued last year, "the State Council on promoting the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry a number of opinions", first proposed the concept of "national strategic reserve". The State Department made it clear that, to establish strategic reserves of rare earth system and practice including the national reserves corporate (commercial) reserves the kind of reserves and resources (to) reserves combination of two strategic reserve.

State purchasing and storage of rare earth, has been widely supported by the community.

During the two sessions this year, the the industrial party central on the proposal to establish a rare earth strategic resources reserve system. The one hand, reasonable assurance as to the rare earth total annual mining and export quotas, on the other hand increase overseas cooperation efforts, and effective use of the world's rare earth resources.

Rare earth prices too fast last year, the central and local state-owned enterprises in the fierce competition in the rare earth resources, coupled with the source of funding of the State Reserve there has been problems, are restricting the national implementation of the rare earth strategic purchasing and storage.

To this end, a member of the CPPCC National Committee Luo Sha Ming recommended national rare earth resources reserve system should be established as soon as possible, not the exploitation of some proven rare earth resources, the implementation of the reserve, "countries through transfer payments means financial assistance of the reserve area, establishment of a perfect rare earth resource exploration fund system. "Sand Naruto said Luo.

Sand Ming Luo actively preparing to deal with the United States and Europe and other countries to the WTO on China's rare earth export quotas; development of rare earth resources, trade policy in the double the framework of the WTO and national security, and strictly control the export of rare earth resources, to strengthen the centralized and local coordination, to break the RE production areas, industry segmentation; using rare earth for oil ideas, play to the advantage of our production, our country enjoys more fully the right to speak, the right to choose and pricing.

The quickening pace of reserve the progress of to prevent overseas restart rare earth resources development on the impact of domestic pricing power, has become a rare earth industry issues to consider.

Resource prices will continue to rise, and the light rare earth sooner or later have to face the rigors of international competition in the market, competition, our biggest advantage is cost, the implementation of the national strategic reserve Baotou Steel Rare Earth, actually participate in international competition and lay the basis of Baotou Steel Rare Earth general manager Zhang told the media.

The severity of different

It is reported that the variety and quantity of state purchasing and storage of rare earth were 50 tons of europium oxide, yttrium oxide, 1500 tons, 300 tons of dysprosium oxide and terbium oxide 60 tons, but did not receive a positive response to this reporter call the State Material Reserve 4.

In above Shouchu list, addition of europium oxide, other varieties are the heavy rare earth oxides.

China Rare Earth Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Zhanheng said in an interview with this reporter, the heavy rare earth should be purchasing and storage, because of the strategic role of the heavy rare earth is far more important than light rare earth more scarce heavy rare earth, if At current production rates, mining of the heavy rare earth reserves only for 15-20 years.

However, the industry, there is news that the possibility of lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, and other varieties as the recent light rare earth Shouchu focus, purchasing and storage of the light rare earth elements Eu has been much attention.

The Chen Zhanheng also said, yttrium, terbium, dysprosium, neodymium, europium and other rare earth elements should be the national strategic reserves.

But speaking countries start 18,000 tons of light rare earth Shouchu, Chen Zhanheng also have different views, he believes there is no need for the country to purchasing and storage of a large area of ​​light rare earth, the light rare earth itself is a surplus, the state purchasing to strategic reserves, reserves for excess supplies necessary?

TMR company's follow-up study in the United States, foreign has 261 company-owned as many as 429 rare earth projects in 37 countries and regions, 38 of 13 countries including the United States, Australia and other rare earth project progress. The data also show that the rare earth production outside of China will grow 10-fold in the next five years.

The vast majority of these projects are the light rare earth, that is to say, the next few years, the light rare earth excess not only does not improve, will further exacerbate.

"National Shouchu light rare earths, in the end for the strategic reserve or in money to pay for the enterprise? Far as I know, the current corporate hands, there are a large number of light rare earth and its products." Wikipedia information network rare earth industry analyst Du Shuai soldiers the reporter said.

It is reported that the State Reserve Bureau, in addition to purchasing and storage light rare earth agreement is reached with the Baotou Steel Rare Earth later with Minmetals Aluminum Corporation of China Nonferrous Metals Group and Rising Group signed a relevant agreement.

Chen Zhanheng that the combination rare earth Shouchu advocate state purchasing and storage enterprises purchasing and storage, countries should focus on scarce heavy rare earth and the light rare earths are mainly concentrated in the hands of a few large enterprises, should be by a few large enterprises commercial reserves, to control yield stability maintenance price.

In fact, examples of enterprises in the rare earth reserves are not uncommon. Baotou Steel Rare Earth began in 2008, from the corporate level on rare earth concentrate reserves. After July last year, the rare earth prices fall, Baotou Steel Rare Earth tried to stabilize prices through purchasing and storage, etc..

"If you really turns on the 1.8 million tonnes of light rare earths purchasing and storage, which is equivalent to one fifth of the annual production, supply and demand and price of the light rare earth market or will have no small impact." Said Chen Zhanheng.

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National reserves of rare earth matters has been brewing for years

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