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« The five departments thoroughly smuggling plans to crackdown rare earth resource companies look to benefitJapanese imports of Chinese rare earth secretly hidden in the bottom of the sea »

Supplier of heavy rare earth resources Minmetals Rare Earth set foot on the IPO trip

The central enterprises Minmetals "campaign" rare earth field for many years after the end of the initial results. Minmetals Rare Earth (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Minmetals Rare Earth"), the largest supplier of heavy rare earth resources embark on the journey of the IPO. Currently, the company listed environmental verification has entered the public notice period.
Minmetals Minmetals Development, Xiamen Tungsten owns, including 10 domestic and overseas listed companies. Minmetals Rare Earth overwhelmed successfully pass through the further growth of the the Minmetals Group of strength. Minmetals Minmetals Rare Earth in rare earth production and processing platform.
Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Office news Minmetals Rare Earth listed environmental verification publicity period from September 12 to 16. Dingnan China the verification for the company under the new materials and red gold, County, Jiangxi Rare Earth two manufacturers. As for their own situation, and were not specific listing plan for further disclosure.
According to the multi-confirmation of the reporter, the "Minmetals Rare Earth" is Minmetals to build another listing platform - Minmetals Rare Earth (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd.. Information on Minmetals Rare Earth was established in October 2008 with a registered capital of 837 million yuan, the the Minmetals Group CMN main sponsor, joint of Jiangxi private rare earth smelting enterprises given the South China new materials and Gan County red gold rare earth co-sponsored the establishment of tripartite each accounted for 40%, 30% and 30% equity. It is said that Minmetals in February this year, the new material from the South China Gan County Red Gold rare earth in the hands of the acquisition of 17.5% stake in Minmetals Rare Earth. Upon completion of the transaction, the Minmetals Minmetals Rare Earth 75% stake in the absolute holding two other private companies will each hold a 12.5% ​​stake. The move was also seen as a foundation for Minmetals Rare Earth IPO.
Unlike the production of light rare earth Baotou Steel Rare Earth, Minmetals Rare Earth flagship heavy rare earth elements, including rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth phosphor, Rare Earth, energy-saving lamps and other major commodities. At present, the company has initially built a set of rare earth separation, production of light-emitting materials, rare earth-volume manufacturing of energy-saving lamps relatively complete industrial chain. Seven of its subsidiaries, will be the South China new materials and Gan County Red Gold Rare Earth is the largest and the most advanced technology, product quality is the most stable ionic rare earth separating enterprises; rare earth of Minmetals luminescent materials for domestic production capacity, technology leading the phosphor production enterprises, the scale of production will reach 4,000 tons / year, accounting for more than half of the total production of the National phosphor; the Ganzhou area's first energy-saving lamp manufacturing enterprise Minmetals Donglin, production is expected to reach 200 million energy-saving lamps and one hundred million energy-saving whole lights.
Minmetals Rare Earth insiders told reporters that the company is currently the largest heavy rare earth rare earth resource suppliers and processors international leading rare earth products.
States Securities rare earth industry researcher Xiao Shijun, divided into light rare earths and heavy rare earth, rare earth resources in the latter is more scarce. The prolific light rare earth in the north, in the heavy rare earth and more from the south, such as the first share of the heavy rare earth colored Rising from Guangdong. Colored Rising 2 years ago, not long after the completion of the backdoor listing related rare earth assets have not been injected into the listed company, so the view from the scale, Minmetals Rare Earth superior. He also said that due to the macro-economic impact of over-regulation as well as pre-investment, the rare earth industry decline; However, from the point of view of the industry needs, policies to promote the rare earth industry outlook is still very broad.

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Supplier of heavy rare earth resources Minmetals Rare Earth set foot on the IPO trip

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