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Japanese imports of Chinese rare earth secretly hidden in the bottom of the sea

About 83% of Japan's rare earth from China. A large number of rare earth enough to use the resources of the 20-year storage in the seabed.

When the domestic foreign iron ore negotiations are still hot, the other energy industry news caused a shock. August 15, media reports drawn up by the Ministry of Industry. "<2009-2015 Rare Earth Industry Development Plan revised version has been completed, including rare earth exports would threaten the security of China's rare earth industry," the statement. "Revised version" for exports of rare earths to draw a red line: the next six years, the total amount of China's rare earth export quotas, will control more than 3.5 million tons / year. The primary materials are still forbidden to export, but also to further subdivide management, non-export of dysprosium, terbium, thulium, lutetium, yttrium and other metals.

Before June 23, the European Union and the United States on Chinese restrictions on the export of rare metals such as tungsten, antimony and rare earth to the WTO proceedings.

The one hand, desperately want to buy, on the one hand, grit your teeth are not promoted, a Sino-foreign rare metals Running out of already well underway. The newspaper, for example, rare earth unveil the breathtaking scene of war.

"The Middle East has oil, China has rare earth." Chief architect of reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping's southern tour the inspection tour sentence points to the power status of the Chinese Rare Earth, but the reality of China's rare metals suffered a fire sale, but people no longer proud not up .

Japanese multi-channel hoarding resources. About 83% of Japan's rare earth from China. A large number of rare earth enough to use the resources of the 20-year stored in the bottom of the sea! ! !

As the name of the rare metals are clear, as competition for scarce resources such as countries have begun overtly or covertly contest. If Europe and the United States to restrict exports of rare earths to prosecute a Ming war, that Japan in recent years in China's neighboring launched a Running.

As early as in 1983, Japan introduced a the rare minerals strategic reserve system, and perform to the present. Reserve object seven kinds of rare metals, such as nickel, chromium, tungsten, cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, manganese, more than 90% of its dependence on imports. Rare metal value is increasingly clear understanding of when Japan took platinum, indium and rare earth three resources into reserves object, these three are Japan's top automotive, electronics, information industry urgently needed supplies. Therefore, Japan, on the one hand reserves of these resources, on the one hand trying to import from the world, especially in China!

Senior Research Fellow of the Research Center of Tsinghua University, China-US relations, Zhou said to the newspaper, Japanese companies worry about purchasing rare metal raw materials in China, a large number will cause China's alertness, they set up factories in China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and re-exports from China, and even Guangxi, Yunnan along the smuggling of rare metals raw materials or semi-finished products of a large number of acquisitions. There are a number of Japanese companies to negotiate investment in mining as bait, a large number of rare raw materials purchased from mining enterprises.

Japan in the past two years occurred from our procurement channels and strategies significant changes into batches, from large, centralized purchasing, a small amount of decentralized procurement. Through Hong Kong, China, Thailand and some turn of Hong Kong trade imports. Its purpose is to divert attention, on the other hand is the clever use of procurement time, distort the normal relationship between supply and demand, suppress and manipulate the market price.

Statistics show that about 83% of Japan's rare earth from China. A large number of rare earth, not in a hurry with, but enough resources for 20 years stored in the bottom of the sea, in order to later conspiracy!

In addition, Japan is still secretly in disguise import rare earth!

For a glass manufacturing companies in a reflecting material in the domestic implementation of control policy of total rare earth, Mitsui & Co., a substantial increase in imports of broken glass. The enterprise also above reflect material, broken glass, imported by Mitsui & do the rest of the broken glass of precision instruments, is rich in rare earth elements. Another rare earth processing enterprises in Sichuan Province, also reflect a substantial increase in Japan's Mitsui & Co., in China's recent demand of scrap glass to reduce exports of rare earths is closely related with the domestic. In fact, from the extraction of rare earth elements in Japan has an industrial scale waste broken glass. An expert of the Chinese Society of Rare Earths, told this reporter that Japan's imports from China scrap glass behavior, strictly speaking, belong to the acts of smuggling!

Before, for this current situation, the Ministry of Land and Resources officially released "2009 the tungsten antimony ore and rare earth mining quota of total control notification" (hereinafter referred to as "targets"), the notice announced: June 30, 2010 stop receiving tungsten ore, antimony and rare earth ore exploration license, mining license application. However, Japan also timely adjustment strategy, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported, Japan is determined to provide loans to developing countries to produce rare metals, to improve mine around the railways, highways and other infrastructure to support Japanese companies involved in the development of rare metals. In fact, in contrast with Japan's emphasis on the rare earth, since a very long time, China's rare metals over-exploitation, lead to vicious competition in the import and export trade in the international market in "fire sale" situation.

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Japanese imports of Chinese rare earth secretly hidden in the bottom of the sea

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