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Yongzhou safe production in January-August the number of accidents decreased

This year, Yongzhou tightly around the goals and tasks of the Safety Year ", focusing on innovative accident prevention system," fighting rule violations "concentrated action as the starting point, in order to strengthen the responsibility to implement the protection of the city's security situation is stableto the good. In January to August, the city's total of 174 all kinds of accidents in production and 56 deaths, down incidents of 87, less 12 people died, respectively, a decrease of 33.33% and 17.56%.

The county district in Yongzhou attaches great importance to production safety work, will be an important part of the government performance evaluation, earnestly implement the responsibility for production safety, the formation of the joint management of a good situation. This year, around, through fighting rule violations "concentrated action, the regulatory authorities of the accident-prone, hidden highlights, illegal violations concentrated industries and units were concentrated against regulation, effective containment and prevention of various types of accidents. Blue Mountain, carried out to protect rare earth resources, focusing on the fight against illegal mining special "Operation Storm", a total dismantling of illegal mining point 10; Ningyuan out of 10 million yuan to encourage and support the production of the 23 county fireworks production enterprises overall exit conversions, 19 companies converting to exit.

County district also larger than accidents prevention as the goal, to further promote the special rectification of key industries and areas. Ningyuan focus on student car market discipline, their experiences and practices promoted in the province; Jianghua, Qiyang, Road, County focus on the implementation of video surveillance in key ferry, ferry pier on the the annual day ferrying amount more than 300 people to implement video surveillance. Strengthen inspection and supervision of the hidden rectification in the investigation and management of security risks, counties and districts, the current from the investigation hidden 17104, 16693 rectification, rectification rate of 97.6%. January to August, the city's most counties, industry production safety in the field of the number of accidents, the death toll was "double down" trend.

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Yongzhou safe production in January-August the number of accidents decreased

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