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Guangdong in hand the central enterprises want to build the state-level rare earth Enterprises Group

After listing debut in February of this year, after six months of planning and operations, the rare earth industry in Guangdong Province, the Group 22 played a key card to enter the National Rare Earth Group echelon: large tech central enterprises, the China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: the China Iron and Steel Research) in hand, the two sides signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. It is understood that the two sides move will be the formation of a National Rare Earth Group for the purpose of, in the rare earth resources, mining, smelting separation, deep processing and capital operation to expand all-round cooperation.

To build national rare earth Enterprises Group

Since May 2011 the State Council issued the "promote the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry, the rare earth industry use 1-2 years to establish a standardized and orderly development of rare earth resources, a smelting separation and market order flow," the basic requirements after the formation of the pattern of the rare earth industry led to large enterprises, Enterprise Group Southern ionic rare earth industry's top three industrial concentration reached more than 80% ", what companies can ultimately get admission National Rare Earth Enterprise Group coupons has become the biggest concern for the Construction of China's rare earth industry territory.

Guangdong, the largest province of ionic rare earth resources, reserves were highest in the country. In 2011, the output value of the rare earth industry in Guangdong Province exceeded 50 billion yuan, the domestic leading position in the rare earth luminescent materials, magnetic materials, hydrogen storage alloy, heat stabilizers field, driven appliances, lighting, display, automotive and application of rare earth industry output value of over 1.5 billion.

In order to occupy a place in the territory of China's rare earth, in February of this year, Guangdong Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Rising) as the main form of the rare earth industry in Guangdong Province, the Group was given shoulder and comprehensively promote the rare earth industry in Guangdong Province mergers and acquisitions and integration of resources, vigorously develop rare earth new materials and applications industry, and strive to build the important task of leading enterprises in Southern Rare Earth core competitiveness.

Local teams and the national team strategic alliance

At present, Guangdong Province, Rare Earth Industry Group holds a rare earth mining permit in Guangdong province, and basically complete the consolidation and reorganization of enterprises of the province smelting separation and promote cooperation with the provinces of Yunnan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia Rare Earth Enterprises in Australia, Laos, Myanmar and other government and business cooperation agreement to jointly develop rare earth resources.

Statement of the person concerned in accordance with the Commission by letter of Guangdong Province, Guangdong has been equipped to participate in the National Large Rare Earth Enterprise Group formed the basis and conditions. "

China Steel Institute is the largest of China's metallurgical industry integrated research and development and high-tech industrial organizations, not only the key technology in the development of new materials and metallurgical engineering at the advanced level, in particular, has formed a rare earth permanent magnet, rare earth hydrogen storage materials strong competitiveness, but also, in terms of capital operation also has a wealth of experience, the company currently owns three listed companies: Advanced Technology (000969), Steel Research Gaona and AriTime (600,560).

Therefore, all-round cooperation in Guangdong Province Rare Earth Industry Group and the China Iron and Steel Research, is the strategic alliance of the earth "local team" and "national team", the move will undoubtedly give full play to the rare-earth local enterprises and the central business advantage, is also the industry that would Guangdong participating countries large rare earth Enterprises Group set up to add strong weight.

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Guangdong in hand the central enterprises want to build the state-level rare earth Enterprises Group

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