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Chinese exports of rare earth resources in Japan

       Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on November 2 that the Japanese government has reached an agreement with Kazakhstan, from January 2013, imports from Kazakhstan Rare Earth. This marks the Japanese for the first time imports from countries other than China rare earth resources.

       The report quoted the message more than the Japanese government said about 20,000 tons of annual demand for rare earth  of Japan's high-tech industry, and Kazakhstan to Japan annually exports about 1,500 tons, equivalent to 7.5% of the annual demand in Japan , which contains more scarce precious metal materials.

       Yomiuri Shimbun pointed out, has been Japan's rare earth and precious metal materials is almost entirely dependent on China, but the implementation of the principle of "nationalization" of the Government of Japan on the Diaoyu Islands, led to the Sino-Japanese relationship has become strained. Japan has formulated a strategy of rare earth resources, deployment of multi-angle approach. Japan this time with Kazakhstan on imports of rare earth agreement marks Japan's rare earth imports from countries other than China for the first time.

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Chinese exports of rare earth resources in Japan

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