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Longyan carried out against illegal mining of rare

Longyan Municipal Government recently issued a notice to crack down on rare earth resources Violations special action in the city, the remediation outcomes on January 31 next year, when the end of the action, announced to the public.

The special action to completely shut down, banned the illegal exploitation of rare earth mine sites, investigate and punish the illegal behavior of the processing, acquisition and sale of unlicensed mining of rare earth minerals, maintaining the order of the normal development of rare earth resources to ensure the sustained and healthy development of rare earth industry is main objective.

Notification requirements, undocumented illegal exploitation of rare earth mine sites, to confiscate land and resources of rare earth minerals, and communicated to the forestry, forest public security, water (water conservation), environmental protection departments shall investigate and deal with the mineral resources in a timely manner of the alleged crime damage identification and other forensic work, and transferred to judicial organs be held criminally responsible; public security, forestry township government as inspections, closed the first responsibility of the banned work to organize relevant departments to destroy the point undocumented illegal exploitation of rare earth ore production and living facilities; , land and natural resources, environmental protection, forest public security department group strong elite forces to focus on the investigation and handling of the illegal exploitation of rare earth criminal liability cases; dealt with according to law, business, economic, trade and other functional departments without legal formalities circulating in the market of rare earth minerals, and trace mineral sources; undocumented unlicensed operation, illegal storage and processing of rare earth minerals, industry and commerce and other relevant departments in accordance with the law confiscation of rare earth minerals, suspected of a crime by judicial organs be held criminally responsible.

The notice stressed that the January 30, 2013, the counties (cities, districts) government organizational strength of the administrative area of illegal rare earth mine sites for re-investigation, investigation and the continued illegal exploitation of illegal acquisition, storage, processing and marketing rare earth minerals, joint law enforcement organizations and other departments of public security, industry and commerce, economy and trade, environmental protection, land and resources, confiscation of illegal storage, processing and circulation of rare earth minerals. January 20, 2013 to 31 May, the municipal government will organize monitoring, economic, trade, land and natural resources, public security, forestry, industry and commerce and other related departments to carry out the inspection and acceptance, announced to the society the outcome of the special action remediation.

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